Pain models and analgesic tests

Model Assay Measurements
1. Spared nerve injury-induced neuropathic pain  1. Hargreaves (focus, local hot pain test) Assays 1 and 2: Thermal pain thresholds – hyperalgesia
2. Streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic neuropathy 2. Hot plate (broader pain test); cold pain Assays 3 and 4: Mechanical pain thresholds - allodynia
3. Chemotherapy (e.g. taxol)-induced neuropathy 3. von Frey hair test Assays 5: Measure weight bearing balance - allodynia
4. Reserpine-induced chronic pain accompanied with depression 4. UGO analgesia meter Assays 6: Measure both acute nociceptive pain (early phase) and central sensitization pain (later phase)
5. UVB radiation-induced neuroinflammatory pain 5. Incapacitance tester  
6. Electrocutaneous stimulation-induced facial pain  6. Automated magnetic detection of paw licking, raising or shaking  
7. Dental inflammatory pain    
8. Incision-induced neuroinflammatory pain    
9. CFA-induced neuroinflammatory pain    
10. Formalin-induced inflammatory pain