Peripheral analgesics

AfaSci has developed novel small peptides that sleectively block a validated GPCR target, exhibit high binding affinity and produce analgesic effects in acute neuroinflammatory and chronic neuropathic pain.

"Localized analgesics for localized pain". Local applications of the lead antagonists in different formulations demonstrate efficacy in a variety of experimental pain models in rodents including:

  • Incision (postoperative pain)
  • Formalin-indluced neuroinflammatory pain
  • CFA-indluced neuroinflammatory pain
  • UVB-radiation (a type of burn pain)
  • Electrocutaneous stimulation-induced facial pain
  • Dental inflammatory pain
  • Spared nerve injury (SNI) of the sciatic nerves (a localized neuropathic pain model)
  • Streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic neuropathy (a broad model of neuropathic pain model)

Status: an IND candidate ready for IND-enabling studies: