SmartCage modules overview


The SmartCageTM monitors rodent (mice and rats) homecage activity. The basic platform can perform 01 – 07 general behavior tests, and with integrated modular devices the system enables researchers to conduct comprehensive neurobehavioral assays for phenotypic analysis and in vivo drug screening. This simple, flexible and versatile system is particularly suited for a startup lab to conduct translational research in a cost-effective way.


ID Module Test Measurement Test Protocol
01BP Basic platform 1. Homecage activity Active/inactive time 1. Activity, locomtion
    2. Sleep/wake Wake/Indirect sleep time 2. Sleep/wake
    3. Tail suspension Locomotion: 3. Light/dark preference
02VS Vibration sensor 4. Light/dark preference
Travel distance 4. depression
    5. Conditional place preference Travel speed
    6. Social interaction Moving path
03DB Dark box 7. Social memory Rearing  
    8. Drinking detection Latency of 1st entry to the dark  
    9. Conflict drinking (Vogel test) Time spent in light/dark  
04SE Social enclosures 10. Foot drop Transition number  
    11. Step-through avoidance Time spent in different zones  
05ES Electrical simulation 12. Tone-conditioning Immobilization time (depression)  
  13. Contextual- conditioning Drinking lick number  
14. Rotarod test Lick-shock number  
    15. Feeding control Foot fault (or foot drop)

    16. Self-food admin  
 06RT  Rotarod  17. Time to fall  
 07FG Food gate  18. Gate opening number and open duration