AutoSom: Automated sleep-deprivation system

AutoSomtm enables fully-automated, non-invasive, “hands-off” control and monitoring of rodent sleep/wake activity. No human supervision is required. We use automated sensors to track the animal’s every move in its cage.

Using a specially-developed Vibration-pad cage floor, an infrared array, and custom algorithmic computer processing, AutoSomtm can distinguish whether the mouse or rat is awake or asleep.

AutoSomtm can also automatically and chronically impose two methods to control the sleep of the test subjects: pdf for sleep-deprivation system

  • Time-dependency: controlled by the default setting (user can change the wakeup time schedule)
  • State-dependency: automatic ‘sleep-specific’ deprivation, chronic sleep restriction, and sleep “fragmentation”


Product Product number Specialized module Assay Measurements Results
AutoSomTM 08SD Sleep deprivation pad Time-dependent Wakeup schedule  
      State-dependent Wakeup number